Foster Care with Biological Children: 5 Ways It Impacts Them

I have come to realize there are two types of foster families in this world: Those that do foster care without biological children and those that do it with biological children. [I know I’ve just stated the obvious]. To those who start foster care without having had biological children first– WOW. Give me a high […]

Finding Funny in Foster Care

I’ve concluded that a person will never reach the Seasoned Parent title because even¬†when your oldest is 18, you’ve never experienced what it is like to parent an adult child. Every day is new in the journey of parenting. Just when I think I’ve got this thing figured out, one of my kids throws me […]

Our Kids Should Feel Uncomfortable

One of the biggest injustices we can do for our children is to let them feel too comfortable. Especially if you are a Christ-Follower because Jesus calls us to love our neighbors (and he reminds us that our neighbor is the “Samaritan”) and to help “the least of these.” Our children need to know that […]

How Foster Care is Like Volleyball

In my “spare time” [I really do not have any] I play or coach volleyball. For the last ten years I’ve played volleyball once a week for my “Me Time” in Parenthood. Then in the past year, I found myself with a child old enough to start playing the sport and I jumped into the […]

The Little Drummer Boy in Foster Care

Little Drummer Boy Do you have a favorite Christmas song? The other day when I was chauffeuring my girls to school I told them to name their top three favorite Christmas songs. Their top pick: “The Chipmunk Song!” [Clearly my kids need to work on their fine arts.] My top pick is Little Drummer Boy […]

How to Help Foster Families at Christmas

The¬†holidays are upon us and many are trying to bring good cheer to others. I have had a few people in my community asking what they can do to help foster children or foster families. I am so glad they asked! I have compiled a list of ideas of how foster families could be served […]