A Day in the Life {of a working foster mom}

A Day in the Life {of a working foster mom}

Q. Can you commit to foster care while working outside of the home? A. You can, but be ready to do a juggling act. Our state requires an exception form to be signed if both adults are working outside of the home, so be aware of what your state requirements are. I thought it would be fun […]

Foster Care with Biological Children: 5 Ways It Impacts Them

I have come to realize there are two types of foster families in this world: Those that do foster care without biological children and those that do it with biological children. [I know I’ve just stated the obvious]. To those who start foster care without having had biological children first– WOW. Give me a high […]

About Me in Foster Care

I opened this blog two months ago intending to give a name and a face to foster care. My goal was to offer a higher quality blog; something with information for those looking for answers and a community to those just wondering if what they’re going through is “normal.” (& FYI there is no “normal” in […]

Finding Funny in Foster Care

I’ve concluded that a person will never reach the Seasoned Parent title because even when your oldest is 18, you’ve never experienced what it is like to parent an adult child. Every day is new in the journey of parenting. Just when I think I’ve got this thing figured out, one of my kids throws me […]

Our Kids Should Feel Uncomfortable

One of the biggest injustices we can do for our children is to let them feel too comfortable. Especially if you are a Christ-Follower because Jesus calls us to love our neighbors (and he reminds us that our neighbor is the “Samaritan”) and to help “the least of these.” Our children need to know that […]

Giving Thanks in Foster Care

Giving Thanks in Foster Care “Why I am thankful for foster care…” I asked my family what makes them thankful that we do foster care.  I expected some of eye-rolling and grumbling, but instead they eagerly did their “homework” and their answers are honest and moving.