Foster Care with Biological Children: 5 Ways It Impacts Them

I have come to realize there are two types of foster families in this world: Those that do foster care without biological children and those that do it with biological children. [I know I’ve just stated the obvious]. To those who start foster care without having had biological children first– WOW. Give me a high […]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Foster Care Style

 I have yet to find a blog post that explains how hard the first one to two weeks are of a new placement. I’m sure there is probably one out there, but I’ll add my voice to the void anyway. I wish I would have known how hard the first week is before starting this […]

What to Know in Foster Care

10 Things You Should Know When Starting Foster Care:    Turtle Time Get it through your head now that the foster system moves at a 1 MPH speed. If you’ve made it through your licensing process then you should have a pretty good clue from that.  If the caseworker tells you “we should know by […]